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Many, but not all, of the fabric items are made of up-cycled items such as sweatshirts, towels, jeans, or suit coats. Due to the fact that everything is handmade and is usually one or two of a kind, there is no guarantee that what you saw at a shop or at an arts & craft show is still available. Purses sell between $19 to $32.  To purchase some of the unique items I make you may visit one of the shops listed in the next paragraph, send an email to the address in the upper left corner, or look at the next page to see what shows I will be displaying my products at.

My unique purses as well as some earrings and necklaces I make are sold at the Ben Franklin Store in Crystal Falls, MI and at Pixel Bath/Body/Boutique in Crystal Falls, MI.  Earrings, wristlets, and sport & animal themed potholders, are sold at Winks Woods in Crystal Falls, MI.  

Small U.P. purses

Small purses (6 x 8 in.) with the upper peninsula of Michigan. Strap is adjustable $19 each


U.P. of MI earrings.JPG

  U.P. of Michigan earrings 

$12 each

Purse with the upper peninsula of Michigan

 Purse made from a man's suit coat with adjustable strap

MI U.P. navy/red 1 $28   8 x 9.5 in.

UP purse small.jpg

Sm. purse with Michigan's upper peninsula -Black adjustable strap

 black/red black plaid  $19  

6 x 8 in.

purse small.jpg

Red & black small purse with black adjustable strap $19  

6 x 8 in.

UP earrings (2).JPG

U.P. of Michigan earrings with a blue background and have a clear domed class overlay.  $12

U.P. MI necklace.jpg

U.P. of Michigan necklace 18 in.

3 color choices - left to right aluminum, rose gold, gold  $20 ea.

Quilted Floral purse  10.5 x 7 in.

Black adjustable strap $32

Blue floral purse

Blue floral purse  10 x 8 in. 

Blue adjustable strap $28

Cheers to Artisans Everywhere!

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