My story begins in western Nebraska where I was born. After bouncing around the U.S., I have now settled in the upper peninsula of Michigan in a beautiful, small town called Crystal Falls. I think I was born with an entrepreneur spirit and am a creative person who loves making things.


In 2003 I began sewing purses, hot pads, and other miscellaneous items to sell after closing a ceramic and pottery business which I ran for over 20 years. (I still make a few pottery pieces - I just couldn't totally give it up) I have always been a firm believer in re-using and recreating. Many of the fabric items I make are made of up-cycled items such as sweatshirts, suits, towels, and jeans :)


The idea to start making purses out of up-cycled materials came to me when I was at our local St. Vincent DePaul Store. As my daughter and I were walking out, I pointed to a suit coat and said to her, "Look at this cool fabric." Right after the words were out of my mouth, the idea came to me! Since I am constantly looking for "cool" fabric to make things out of, why not use suit coats or blazers?  I have to admit that it took a little bit of thought to make my purses and wristlets from suit coats idea work, but I finally settled on a design I like. I also make purses and things out of non  up-cycled items. 

So I hope you like the products I make and I encourage everyone to think outside of the box and re-use and re-create.

                                                                                                                                                             Alisa Nelson

Cheers to Artisans Everywhere!

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